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The first all-in-one cyber protection for entrepreneurs

MMOX Smart combines smart software with a recovery service and insurance. Our software disables all types of threats to the network and because you're now wondering about what happens if something does slip through the net, we guarantee that we will repair and compensate for damage if this so happens.

The guarantees of MMOX Smart

Cyber security can be crossed off your to-do list


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Cyber Defence Center

The Cyber Defence Center blocks cyber attacks 24/7. It automatically guards your companies' network against threats on the Internet. The hardware, in combination with smart software, is placed between the Internet and your companies' network and blocks threats that do not belong in your network. Your Cyber Defence Center connects to our servers and our support team, so you are always protected against the latest threats.

How do we prevent?

Do you need a good night's sleep?

You don't want to be a cyber security specialist yourself, therefore we offer a solution that completely unburdens you. With our services you no longer have to worry about the issue of Cyber Security, we sort it out for you. Our solution also ensures that your accountant is reassured. You can demonstrate to all stakeholders in your updates or annual reports, that you have an ICT policy in place in which security is a top priority.

  • Hassle-free

    We take care of everything: the hardware is installed quickly, the service is easy to use, you won't notice a thing.
  • Affordable

    Get access to the latest technology normally only available to large companies. MMOX Smart is also cheaper than the sum of the individual services offered by other parties.
  • Guaranteed

    We ensure you have the best possible protection against cyber crime, we solve any problem and compensate the damage.

Put cyber security on the agenda today before anyone else does!

There are now many entrepreneurs who opt for the cyber security services of MMOX. To make this security accessible to each type of entrepreneur, we developed MMOX Smart, the security solution with three essential ingredients:

  • safety at the 'front door',
  • assistance in solving a problem,
  • compensation of damages.

These are the driving forces behind the scenes

Comply with the GDPR and protect personal data

MMOX Smart is the solution that completely unburdens you when it comes to cyber risks. Rest assured that your cyber risks are managed properly, without having to act on it yourself. Moreover, you can demonstrate to your clients, accountants and other stakeholders that you have an ICT policy in place in which security is a top priority. We confirm this through monthly reporting and an extensive annual report. This allows you to give your all important stakeholders an easy insight into the metrics and efforts you make to prevent data breaches.

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