“Security works well, I don't notice it at all." Victor Kooijman, Normaalkracht Architecten

Large documents move back and forth. Drawings, specifications, advice; the Internet connection must function without any problems.

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Other practical examples

Below you can read several example stories about companies from the practice. For privacy reasons, the names and photographs of the persons involved are fictitious.

Even more stories

Stefan Jansens, Colourful flowers

That was frightening! Stefan received an e-mail with an amount he would have to pay to be able to manage his climate system again.

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Kim van der Poel, Sport Life for ever

On Twitter, you could suddenly read about the injury of the alderman. That made Kim think. Can people get that kind of information from me?

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Peter Freriks, Bomans Machinebouw

Why was the Internet at Bomans Machinebouw suddenly so slow? We analysed it and it turned out we were not the only one looking around.

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