MMOX Shield™, Insight™ and Control™ enable Risk Based Cyber Security

From passive tools to active systematic cyber protection based on data

“Companies are moving away from the cyber security model that is based on more and more means of protection, and are moving towards a more cost-effective model based on risk. That's because this new approach allows them to better tailor the security level to the various risk areas, and thus achieve a significant cost advantage.” (Jim Boehm, McKinsey & Company ©2019)

MMOX Shield™, MMOX Insight™ and MMOX Control™ is integrated software in the Cyber Defense Center. They are the triple technology that is the foundation of risk-based cyber security for your organization.

The Cyber Defense Center is BSPA certified according to BIO standard BBN-2 (Confidential Information).

The technology is installed at your location and is an early warning / early intervention system based on artificial intelligence and sensors and forms an early shield against the relevant and current cyber threats against your company. It blocks threat indicators and passes on alerts and anomalies to our security team.

At the same time, an in-depth understanding is built up. The system bundles all insights and provides a personalized threat profile for your organization . This profile provides a clear picture of the current and actionable cyber threat in the relevant context of your organization and forms the basis for the risk-based cyber services of MMOX. You always have access to the current state of affairs by logging in to the extensive service portal .

MMOX Shield™

Extra cyber intelligence security layer

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MMOX Insight™

Personalized threat and risk profile

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MMOX Control™

Live insight, tips and practical tools

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The power of MMOX

Because you cannot be a cyber security specialist yourself, we have a solution that completely unburdens you. With our hardware and the underlying services you no longer have to deal with this issue.

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