“We knew that there were risks involved, but we lacked a clear overview”

Duncan - Leica Store Lisse
In the shopping centre of Lisse the special Leica Store Lisse of Foto Henny Hoogeveen is located. Foto Henny Hoogeveen is specialised in high segment photo cameras.

This is the only Leica Store in the Netherlands. In terms of product range, it is among the largest globally. Providing top quality is their mission. Not only top quality for products, but for their services and information too. Why did Leica Store Lisse choose MMOX as cyber security partner? We spoke to Duncan about his experiences.

De kracht van MMOX

Omdat u zelf geen cyber security specialist kunt zijn, hebben wij een oplossing die u volledig ontzorgt. Met onze hardware en de onderliggende dienstverlening hoeft u zich niet meer bezig te houden met dit vraagstuk.

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