How do we prevent?

The Cyber Defence Center recognises risks and disables them

At all times, the Cyber Defence Center is connected to our servers. This way, the hardware is at all times up-to-date to identify risks and counteract them. 

To this end, we use our sensor network based on modern deception technology and sensors, which enables us to identify cyber threats before they can cause any damage. This technology has been integrated into an easy-to-use and automatically operating whole.

In the background, we make sure that we keep an eye on everything and that the software is up-to-date. To this end, the Cyber Defence Center uses the most intelligent technology, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. This enables us to continuously detect the latest cyber risks before they can cause you any damage. This way, we keep all cyber threats at bay.


CISO is the Chief Information Security Officer. He is in it!

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SOC is the Security Operations Center. We've also put this one in!

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NOC is a Network Operations Center. This is fully integrated!

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The power of MMOX

MMOX Smart combines smart software with a recovery service and insurance. Our software disables all types of threats to the network and because you're now wondering what happens if something does slip through the net, we guarantee that we will repair and compensate for damage if this so happens.

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